Water Damage Restoration

Commercial Water damage Cleanup
Note: If you have an improperly handled water loss, please refer to our section on MOLD REMOVAL

It doesn’t take much to have substantial water damage to your home or business. A broken washing machine hose, a leaking hot water tank, or a crack in the ice maker line can all lead to water damage. Water is the single most destructive substance in the indoor environment. It takes a “911” attitude when dealing with this peril.

Not only will you experience the immediate or primary damage from an uncontrolled release of water, you can also feel the ravage of the secondary damage from the high humidity it creates if left alone or left to sit for even a few days.

Examples of secondary water damage include:

  • Furniture & rust stains on carpet
  • Swelling/sticking of doors and cabinets
  • Loose and hanging wallpaper
  • Sagging drywall tape & seams
  • Noticeable odors & Mold growth
  • Damage to the sub floor and structural materials
  • Don’t just close the door and turn up the heat.

Don’t think that a Shop Vac will dry out the carpet & pad.

Water can creep into many unnoticed areas and cause lingering problems if not attended to and properly dried out in a timely fashion. These moisture control techniques will save wall coverings, carpets, furniture, documents, photographs, paperwork, and electronics. Proper drying will inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

Above and beyond the water sources listed above, be extra careful if the water is contaminated with sewage or even if it has been left to sit for a few days. Category II and III water (grey and black water) can carry microbial contamination, which demands special precautions when drying.

We are feature HUMIDEX Moisture Control and Air Quality systems

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