Oil Spill Cleanup

Spilled fuel oil can be a challenge to clean off a basement floor. Heating oil spills can be easily managed if they are dealt with immediately. ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration cleans up oil spills with the most environmentally safe and cost effective process for the mitigation of hazardous waste oil spills and contamination. We provide the best oil spill cleanup and control.

Any uncontrolled release of fuel oil is dangerous and demands an immediate response to:

  • Recover free product
  • Stabilize the environment to minimize the impact
  • Reduce the chance of 3rd party impact

Proper remediation techniques, materials, and documentation are critical in the event of a spill. The elimination of volatile organics [odors & health hazards] must be performed rapidly. With the advent of new regulations, disclosure rules and State mandates, proper documentation of all phases is critical!

Type “A” Spills – Minimal Release

  • Surface impact only – No evidence of migration
  • No groundwater or soil contamination
  • Repair/replaceable structural impact

Type “B” Spills – Large Release or Improper/Slow Response

  • Potential 3rd Party Impact
  • Sub-surface migration and/or permanent structural contamination

Regardless of the type or size of oil spill, we can handle an oil spill cleanup of any size. We are also general contractors and will return your property to its pre-loss condition!

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