Mold Removal


ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration offers emergency mold removal for homes and businesses in the Lehigh Valley. Mold and mildew can present serious health hazards as well as structural damage to your business or home. Immediate action is required on first sign of mold infestation.

ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration removes mold from commercial and residential property in the Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and the entire Lehigh Valley. We are a Certified Residential Mold Inspector and follow the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization standardized procedures for the assessment of indoor environments for contaminants. We guarantee mold removal with safe handling of all biohazard debris.

Is it mold? What kind of mold is it? Is it ‘bad’ mold?
The Level I Mold Assessment will tell you if a contaminant is mold. The assessment also determines the type of mold. This tells us what sort of mold remediation is necessary.

The Level II Mold Assessment will determines how much mold is present and how extensive it the old has spread. In a Level II Assessment, we will perform a comprehensive Water Intrusion Inspection of the property.

How to remove mold

If mold is present, it means water entered into the structure. If this the source of the water is not identified and remediated, the mold will continue to spread. We remove mold and determine the how the water got in and if there is water damage. We are licensed general contractors and can repair any structural damage too.

Mold Services:

  • Mold Inspection: We provide full service inspection for mold removal for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We handle any size job from a small, isolated issue to industrial sized water damage and mold growth. Our mold inspection services cover Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and the entire Lehigh Valley.
  • Mold Removal & Remediation: Identifying the type, source and extent of the mold is only part of the problem. We remove mold and the restore the building to its normal operating conditions.

Read about our mold removal work on a property in Forks Township. We are now featuring HUMIDEX Moisture Control and Air Quality systems

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