Document Drying

Document Drying Services in the Lehigh Valley

Document drying through freeze drying is used to restore water damaged documents. Books, financial paperwork, medical records and other important documents are often too valuable to throw out. ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration is a professional document drying service in the Lehigh Valley that can recover your water damaged documents.

Document Drying Services in the Lehigh Valley

Freeze drying water damaged items can greatly minimize water damage. Removing water from water damaged documents requires professional attention. Each batch of wet paper is packed-out and trucked to our document drying facility. The water damaged documents are vacuum freeze-dried.

We train our document drying professionals to recognize which items are salvageable and which must be disposed of. Water damaged items may begin to mold if not dried immediately. Proper cleaning chemicals are used to clean wet documents that are moldy or wet from sewer water.

ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration’s document restoration service uses state-of-the-art industrial freeze dryers to restore severely water damaged documents. Treat wet documents within the first 24 hours with a professional document restoration service to have the best chance of recovery.

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